Atech SEH Metal Fabricators has been recognized at the
2017 Buffalo Awards for Metal Fabricator.
We appreciate all of the effort our employees have put for this year
and would like to thank our customers for their continued support.

The Fabricator
Atech-SEH was recently featured in the April 2017 issue of the Fabricator Magazine. Take a look at how far we have come over the last 20 years. It all comes down to the hard work of the employees in the job, especially when you have the experience of the these guys!
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What's New in the Shop?

Look to fulfill that angle you just manufacture yourself? Look no further then Atech-SEH in Buffalo, NY. We have recently invested in a new LVD press brake and dies to further enhance our capabilities of meeting the precision you need for your parts. Half-bends, hemmed parts, inverted angles are all in our repertoire. contact us for you next custom fabrication needs.

Atech has added a new spot welder. It provides faster set up and the ability to weld the trickiest of materials. It is a cleaner and more consistent bond for enhancing the part’s quality. What we also like about it is that it allows us to move between gages and material types without changing the set up. We encourage you to have us take a look at some of your spot weld needs. 

1/8” aluminum box where the height is longer than its width. While this has created challenges in the past with our current state of the art press brakes this is now possible. Bring on your most
challenging products for us to tackle!

At the end of 2016 we added another CNC multi access precision press brake. It is designed for multi bend complex smaller parts using ground  European style quick change tooling.

On our 13' LVD press brake the easy form laser system insures accuracy over long bends. Additionally the automatic crowning feature allows for easy form laser angle verification. We believe These features are necessary to guarantee consistent and accurate angles. 
Exceeding the Customer's Expectations


The above showcases Atech-SEH at it's finest. The left hand image is one of our most experienced press-brake operators noting down a detail to will help the next run on parts. This aids the next operator to maintain the precision that is required in metal fabrication as well as assist with any issue that may arise on future runs. The right hand image shows how we like to stack and store parts before shipping. This helps us in multiple ways. We can easily 'test' the parts versus identical made parts, maintain and count quantities as well as facilitate shipping in batches to secure the product arrives without any damages. We thrive manufacturing long batches.

The bracket to the right was a project led by the University of Buffalo School of Architecture and Planning. The part design was a collaboration between professors, students and Atech’s experienced in house engineering and sales team. The end result was (8) 90° brakes in a 3 ½” radius. It was then powder coated to enhance the aesthetics and life of the part. The brackets are now prominently displayed throughout the recently renovated Hayes Hall.

Carbon steel panel for a customer in the electronics industry

To minimize price and maximize yield per sheet, we leverage each and every sheet of material. To the left is a picture hot off the laser that Mike (shop manager) and Dave (laser operator) nested parts for 3 customers in 3 different industries. The sheet had 93.2% utilization all in the zeal to meet and exceed customer expectations. All it takes is state of the art technology, an experienced staff and a can do spirit!
Electronics Industry
Carbon steel panel for a customer in the electronics industry

This panel is a two piece carbon steel construction which is aligned with locator tabs, welded and ground flush. The panel also includes 3 different styles of PEM studs and nuts which are masked and plugged while being powder coated. This panel is for a customer in the electronics industry.

On the left are casings for underground infrastructure before they have been painted in their signature orange. ATECH has been tasked with manufacturing 4-, 6- & 8-foot long enclosures that are burred in the ground. They are utilized to protect a variety of equipment for utilities and other services.