That Smooth Look Your Product Needs

Safety and Quality are the focus of the polishing department.  Our trained staff produce a plethora of finishes for a variety of industries including pharmaceuticals. In addition to boot wheels and other hand polishing equipment, our 10 foot stoke sander allows us to grain longer pieces with a variety of finishes. Precision laser cutting produces a sharp edge which can be a safety issue.

  • COSTA deburr machine that assure edges are safe
  • Multi-head deburring system that adds an aesthetically pleasing grained matte finish.
  • Removal of any imperfections for producing the highest quality product


  • 53” wide X 120” long
  • 3 working system – 1st sanding belt / 2nd brush system / 3rd finishing belt
  • Wet dust collector – can be used on stainless, aluminum and carbon steels
  • Perfect for slag removal, edge rounding, oscillating and graining.

Let our experienced professionals help you with any of your metal fabrication needs.