Speed and Accuracy All In One

Fast, accurate, Fiber-Optic Laser cutting assures your satisfaction. Our Lights-Out operation utilizes a 30 sheet Material Tower with an automatic nozzle changer. This combination allows us to cut a variety of metal thickness and material types in every run. It doesn’t matter whether your requirements are short run or long run, we accommodate both efficiently.

  • Sophisticated Nesting Software is an asset for ATECH-SEH allowing us to pass on savings to you
  • Combining multiple parts from various customers to be lasered together with flawless run times and no cohabitating issues.
  • Cutting edge Bystronic technology ideal for production resulting in less errors and better in house handling of our customers’ orders.
  • Fiber Laser specs which allow for one needed focal point for all applicable use compared to CO2.


Maximum Table Travel 60” x 120”

Max Power 6,000 watts

Ability to run “Lights Out” 24/7


Types and Maximum thicknesses

Mild Steel 1.00”

Stainless Steel 1.125”

Aluminum 1.125”

Brass .59”

Copper .47 “

Other materials upon request

Let our experienced professionals help you with any of your metal fabrication needs.