Why veteran press brake operators are invaluable to a metal fab shop

Knowledgeable press brake operators are worth their weight in gold. While manufacturing companies and job shops continue to be on the lookout for welders, they at least know that a local vocational training institution is turning out new job candidates. The same can’t be said for press brake operators. That’s one of the reasons that the […]

The fast track to fab shop productivity with advanced technologies

In today’s manufacturing world, you can’t expect the new hire to have followed the same career path as the lead press brake operator or welder with 25 years’ experience. The path isn’t as straight as it used to be. Consider Jim Baer and Steve Thompson, press brake operators for ATECH-SEH Metal Fabricators in Buffalo, N.Y. They both participated in […]

The many ways that ATECH-SEH keeps earning customers’ respect

It’s not unusual for people to get a phone call out of the blue from someone who says he has a business proposition for them. It is unusual when those phone calls turn out to be a pretty good deal. David Munschauer got that call in 1998. He was a veteran of the Buffalo, N.Y. […]