Our CNC Punching area offers malleable production with multiple tooling options to form, punch, extrude, tap, louver all in one set up. All-tools offer 360 rotation. This gives our customers more flexibility for their desired product. Below are a few list of features that our PX offers.

  • Programmable parts removal chute
  • Energy Reduction System minimizes power consumption
  • Opti-Bend tool system
  • Flexible automation (FA-P)


Fiber Laser technology can process a range of materials including brass, copper, stainless steel, and aluminum. The Laser Beam, it utilizes high energy density which result in faster production.

  • We excel with precision in both thin and thick sheets
  • Multiple automation solutions even during unmanned operation
  • Clean cutting edges and high process reliability for a variety of materials
  • Maximum flexibility for large series and spontaneous customer orders

MATERIALS –Types and Maximum thicknesses

Mild Steel 1.00”  |  Stainless Steel 1.125”  |  Aluminum 1.125”  |  Brass .59”  |  Copper .47 “


Our CNC Press Brakes range from 24 tons to 175 tons with the ability to bend up to 13 feet. Bending software allows our engineers to recommend the most cost effective bending solutions.


  • Tonnage: 24 tons up to 175 tons
  • Bending length: From the size of a quarter up to 13 Feet
  • Ram position accuracy: +/- .00015”
  • CNC Bending Software
  • Auto Crowning


6 MIG stations, 4 TIG Stations and CNC spot welders gives us flexibility, capability and capacity. We are skilled in welding a variety of materials such as various Steel, Aluminum and Stainless Steel. Our finishing department grinds, grains and polishes.


  • Seven Millermatic 252
  • Lincoln Wirematic 250
  • Millermatic 350 Pulse
  • Four Miller Dynasty 200
  • Two CNC ID40 Amada Spot welders

Let our experienced professionals help you with any of your metal fabrication needs.