We are fabrication and manufacturing specialists.
Our extensive experience encompasses all levels of metal fabrication. Steel, stainless, aluminum, brass & bronze are all within our realm of expertise. This makes ATECH-SEH an ideal source for any project; whether it is a few complex prototypes, to a full production run.

Metal fabrication of steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass & bronzeYou need parts - on time, within your budget. ATECH-SEH specializes in finding ways to make your project work. From concept through completion, each stage of a project undergoes examination and scrutiny to ensure accuracy, efficiency, and quality. We believe that the lowest cost part rarely has the lowest total cost of procurement. What good is a subpar part that does not meet the customer’s quality standard? Providing quality and service you can depend on provides real value to ATECH-SEH customers.

Service is one of the most important aspects of our customer relationships. Our entire staff is dedicated to providing the highest quality product, manufactured to your standards, shipped on time.

ATECH-SEH’s current client base is loyal and geographically diverse, with over 30% of all customers located outside of Western New York. ATECH-SEH services a wide range of specialty businesses that include the medical, electronics, transportation and telecommunications industries. Of the top ten customers, 50% have been clients for over 15 years and 50% are new within the last 5 years.

ATECH-SEH is a growing company with 40 current employees. Our veteran, experienced precision metal fabricators help ensure quality and provide leadership to ensure accuracy and precision with each project.

Metal fabrication of steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass & bronzeATECH-SEH measures customer satisfaction continually. A call to ATECH-SEH is answered within three rings or less, 99% of the time. All inquiries are responded to within 24 hours or less. On time delivery is at 100% for major customers and at 93% overall.  ATECH-SEH looks to our customers to let us know we are producing the highest quality parts, working within budget and being responsive to customer needs. ATECH-SEH regularly scores the maximum result with supplier performance scorecards.

ATECH-SEH is proud of our growth from a small shop to a state of the art precision metal supplier. We have grown with our customers while developing a robust library of software including SolidWorks. We have invested in state of the art fiber optic laser equipment as well as upgraded press brakes and pemserter machinery. ATECH-SEH is continually looking for ways to improve and implement new technology where possible to bring the most precise parts to our customer. ATECH-SEH has grown from a small shop beginning but still maintains and understands the importance of excelling in customer service, quality parts and on time delivery you can count on!